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"Simply the Best Place In the World to Buy Florist Supplies"®

Floramart® is the most complete “one-stop shopping” facility in the floral industry.

The vision of Floramart® was conceived years ago. The concept - futuristic for its time - was to establish a facility to supply and enhance the purchasing of non-perishable floral products.

The components for this program had been in place for decades, the long-term association of premier suppliers to the floral industry - "The Best Lines In The World"® location for the showroom was determined to be Atlanta, Georgia, as the city had emerged as the floral purchasing destination.


In its infancy, Floramart® was located in the warehouse area of the Pete Garcia Company headquarters. During that period of time it was set up as a showroom only during certain periods of the year. When not set as Floramart®, this area resumed usage as a distribution facility.


The next phase of evolution saw Floramart® located to another site. The property was located within two blocks of the Pete Garcia Company. This expanded, more permanent location was an instant success with the wholesale buyer. Floramart® was "on the map" as the only true "One Stop Shopping" destination for floral hard goods. From basics to the latest fashion items, they were all under one roof.


As with any growth-impacted venture, it was quickly evident that Floramart® must relocate for the sake of space expansion. This brought about its return to its birthplace - the Pete Garcia Company headquarters building. Floramart® is the most complete “one-stop shopping” facility in the floral industry.

Floramart® has moved to a new location in Peachtree Corners, GA. The New Floramart® has more space, wider aisles, better lighting with New Products and Trends beautifully displayed throughout. All these were designed to improve the shopping experience.

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